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The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Viewing the Golden Gate Bridge was high on our list of priorities when Ty and I were in San Francisco. The weather was picture perfect and a bike ride along the waterfront seemed the best possible vantage point of the famous Bridge. Thanks so much to Kate for the amazing suggestion 🙂

We were told that the Bridge is shrouded in fog and mist for many days of the year so our beautifully clear day was a real blessing. We hired bikes not far from our accommodation in the Marina district and rode the easy ride along the waterfront to the base of the Bridge. As usual, I was lagging behind on my bike as I kept stopping to take pictures of our beautiful surrounds. Can you really blame me though?! I mean, it’s the Golden Gate Bridge, which is kind of a big deal!!

The views along the way were rather quite lovey! If my memory serves correctly, I think I only managed a few meters at a time once I had clear sight of the Bridge, as I was convinced I’d found the best vantage spot for picture taking, and then I’d peddle some more, and stop, because I just found the new best spot! Does any one else ever do this?

A couple of fellow tourists ever so kindly offered to take our picture – an offer that we jumped at (being a travelling duo means that we so often don’t have many pictures taken together) – my only regret is that I wasn’t as savvy as Ty to remember to take my helmet off in the picture! Oh well, safety first I suppose!

By the time we actually reached the Bridge – thanks to my slow peddling and penchant for stopping to take a million and one photos! – it was nearly lunch time and our bike ride – despite it consisting of no hills and very little need for effort or exertion on our part – had left us famished! Time for lunch!
We took our lunch up to a beautiful grassy knoll and enjoyed the gorgeous views of the Marina, Alcatraz Island and the Bridge while we ate our little impromtu picnic. Just as we finished eating, the fog and mist rolled in from the seas and the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared from view once more. How lucky we were to enjoy it in it’s few moments of sunlit glory!

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