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A Weekend To Remember!

I hardly know where to begin about this weekend. It was one of those weekends that will stay etched in my memory forever and left me feeling a little flat once Monday morning rolled around when I finally came back down to earth.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, just after 6am, I left home to make the 2 hour drive to Brisbane for a day of wedding dress shopping. I drove straight to my twin sister Lauren’s house, who I hadn’t seen in way too long, and shortly after, Mum and Dad arrived too. I wasn’t expecting Dad to make the trip so I was especially excited when I saw him walk through the door. I’m a family girl through and through!

Dad drove on to the beautiful Gold Coast while Mum, Lauren and I headed into Queen Street Mall in the city to my three wedding dress appointments. After 3 hours of trying on dresses, we were all feeling overwhelmed and decided to treat ourselves to a lovely lunch in the city at Cafe Brisbane. The food was oh my goodness so delicious and gave us all a chance to debrief after the hours of bridal store chaos! Sitting there at lunch, I realised none of the dresses I’d tried on were for me. I could hardly remember one from the other (which was made worse by the fact we weren’t allowed to take photos of me in the dresses) and as each one blurred into the other, it was very hard to think of a single stand out dress. I must admit, I felt slightly deflated, but lunch with Mum and Lauren certainly cheered me up as we snapped pictures and pulled faces at each other.

After lunch, we drove an hour south to the beautiful and world-renowned Gold Coast, where I would have my final wedding dress appointment for the day. I must admit, thanks to how the day had gone previously, I didn’t have the highest hopes for finding a dress that was even in the ballpark of what I might want.

As soon as I stepped into the Nicolina Bridal showroom, my heart skipped a beat, and with one glance, I knew this was the place where I would find my dress. Immediately, it became obvious, especially after visiting the bridal stores from earlier in the day, just how unique, personal and special Nicolina Bridal is. Each and every dress is exquisite and so unlike any of the same-same dresses I’d seen earlier in the day. Mum, Lauren and I met with Jane, one of the designers and the owner of Nicolina Bridal, and I must say, speaking with someone with as much design knowledge and expertise as Jane was a breath of fresh air. She knew absolutely everything about each and every one of her dresses, which made the whole process so much more informative, easy, fun and worthwhile.

We begun the difficult process of shortlisting my favourites, with Mum, Lauren and our great family friend Linda. Before long, there were two dresses that completely stole my heart, I tried them on, loved them even more, and now I can’t wait to go back in April to make a final decision! And while we weren’t even looking for bridesmaid dresses, we found one that is absolutely perfect. My two sisters will look so stunning!

After such an amazing day, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant and got an early night. Early the next morning, the weather was perfect so Dad, Mum, Lauren and I headed to the beach for some soccer in the sand, a swim in the ocean and a delicious seaside breakfast at Beach Cafe.

It absolutely was the best weekend and one that I was so grateful to spend with those I love. And now that I’ve shared in here on LUW, I’ll be able to look back at it for all the years to come and remember this weekend to remember!

P.S. All photos taken by my official weekend photographers – Lauren and Mum – and their iPhones!

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