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A Weekend in Fort Collins, Colorado

After a week of snowboarding in the picturesque surrounds of the Rocky Mountains (post on that to come!), when Friday afternoon rolled around, Ty and I headed an hour north of Denver to spend the weekend in Fort Collins.
Fort Collins has been named the Best Place to Live in the U.S. three times over the last 10 years, and it’s no wonder at all. Not only might it be a desirable place to live, but it truly is one of the best places to visit too. It was the complete surprise package, and I would highly recommend a visit to Fort Collins if you ever have the chance. Here’s why: situated at the foothills of the towering Rocky Mountain range, a juxtaposition of backdrops encapsulate this city, with the breathtaking Rocky Mountains on one side and a limitless horizon and stretch of priarie land on the other. In addition to this incredible landscape, Fort Collins boasts a vivacious cultural life and downtown area, while still maintaining a desirable “family-friendly” and “small town” feel. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also home to 11 award winning craft breweries so it’s basically the Napa Valley for beer and a sanctuary for beer drinkers and brewers alike. 
On Saturday, we met an Australian couple for a true Fort Collins-worthy lunch at The Old Mayor, an amazing locally owned and operated tap house. With 100 beers on tap, this bar is a beer aficionado’s dream. We ate a delicious lunch of gourmet burgers and homemade fries served with incredible dipping sauces, and completed by a flight of various beers to taste (of course!). While I’m not a beer lover by any stretch of the imagination, I really did love their delicious peach cider, and I’m pretty sure Ty was in heaven!

With full tummies and a slight beer/cider buzz, Ty and I ventured into Old Town in the heart of the downtown district. This well-preserved historic area has a vibrant character and boasts vintage warehouse-like brick buildings, a lively nightlife, several breweries located within walking distance from one another and a multitude of dining options to suit any taste. With perfect spring weather, Ty and I had a wonderful afternoon discovering what makes Fort Collins such an incredible place to visit.

After a quiet and restful day on Sunday, we headed around to our Aussie friends’ home for a good old-fashioned Aussie BBQ for dinner. Words can’t even described how excited and incredibly grateful we were for a delicious home cooked meal. It was just what we needed after months on the road, with very limited access to cooking facilities. And the setting couldn’t have more perfect; the wooden floorboards, exposed brick walls and open plan living of our friends’ home was so beautiful and it really made us miss having a home to call our own!
Overall, it was a truly fabulous weekend, spent with some great new friends and enjoying the sights and tastes of Fort Collins. If beer is your thing, then Fort Collins is your place. Otherwise, if a lively spirit, a fun-loving vibe and an incredible landscape is your jam, then Fort Collins is your…well…toast.

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