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A Road Trip from Florida to Louisiana

If any of you have made the drive from Miami, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana, you’ll know it’s a very looong way! For those of you that haven’t, think 14 hours in a car and you’ll get the picture! Luckily Ty and I aren’t totally crazy – we turned a massive 14 hour day of travel into a 3 day road trip and it was a lot of fun!

We stopped over night in Tampa (west coast of Florida) and Tallahassee (northern Florida, also Florida’s capital), and then for lunch in Mobile (southern Alabama) and coffee near Diamondhead (southern Mississippi).

One of my favourite stops along the way was in the Everglades of southern Florida. These natural tropical wetlands are literally a ‘River of ‘Grass – the waters are very shallow and the predominate feature is the sawgrass prairie and marshes. Airboat rides are popular through the wetlands and alligators are aplenty! We didn’t see any on this particular stop but we sure did enjoy the landscape, the birds and the stunning scenery.

I found this beautiful white bird hiding in the long grass
The bird took to the skies for a beautiful change of scenery
Ty and I are quite the fans of road trips! In addition to our current road trip all over Canada and the US, we have driven from Brisbane to Melbourne and spent four weeks camping and road tripping around the spectacular sights of Tasmania, Australia. Through all this, I have found that often the journey proves just as wonderful as the destination!

 Are you a fan of road trips? Where has the road taken you?

With love, Carly xo

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