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A Perfect Kind of Saturday!

This past Saturday was one of my favourite Saturdays ever. It started out a little shaky, mind you, because despite starting my day at the ungodly hour of 6 am, I was found 4 hours later still in my pjs, without a scrap of makeup on and with dripping wet hair. My Mum, Dad and Pop arrived just after 10 and we had plans to get on with the day as soon as they arrived, but I was desperately under the pump to finish a project. And in true get-everything-done-last-minute fashion, it was all just taking that little bit longer to finish and I was running way behind schedule.

Luckily, Mum was on hand to help me pick out an outfit, and after 20 minutes doing my hair and face, I was ready to go. We had plans to have a wander and a nosy around the Nanango Markets, the largest country markets in all of South East Queensland, so we left Dad and Pop at home to wait for Ty to finish work (for some reason, markets don’t appeal to them in the same way they do to Mum and I – weird, I know!).

The markets are held on the first Saturday of every month and the quiet little South Burnett town of Nanango explodes with people and stall holders and fun activities! With over 400 stalls, the markets offers the best variety and array of products of any market I have been too. Fresh produce. Bric-A-Brac. Vintage apparel. Arts and crafts. Hand-crafted jewellery. Handmade clothing. Delicious food. Gorgeous homewares. Amazing pottery and woodwork. Rows upon rows of the most vibrantly coloured blooms, native plants and fresh garden herbs. You name it, Nanango Markets has it!

It was such a lovely Saturday morning outing. Mum and I headed along at about 11 (quite late, my fault, see above!) and took our time poking around the stalls. We particularly loved the stalls filled and overflowing with the most wonderful garden plants (Mum is on the hunt for agapanthus plants), a stand filled with the loveliest smelling soaps that looked good enough to eat, and the clothing stalls – Mum/daughter standard procedure!

The most amazing, special woman I know – my beautiful Mum, in her sensible, rainy market day shoes! (I was in flip flops/thongs – not good for mud/water/anything in general, really)


The weather grew darker and with the threat of rain looming overhead, we made our way back to the car, dropped off our goodies, changed out of our sensible shoes, and narrowly avoided getting caught in the heavy downpour just as Dad, Ty and Pop arrived to pick us up on the way to lunch. Phew!

Lunch was to be enjoyed at the beautiful Booie Bello Vista Bell Tower Restaurant, for it’s breathtaking sights and rural landscape surrounds, the panoramic views of the Glasshouse Mountains to the Sunshine Coast and a lovely lunch with my Dad’s family. The drive, alone, through the wine growing region and expansive farming lands of the South Burnett was truly breathtaking!

My dear Nan – still as wonderful and hilarious as ever at 92! – and I, courtesy of my iPhone (and my Mum!)

It was so lovely to see all my Dad’s family together, something we really only get to do about once a year! It is so heart-warming watching my Dad interact with his siblings and spend time with his Mum. Nan was especially thrilled to meet Ty (who she has meet many times before, but doesn’t remember!) and said to me over, and over again “Oh he’s lovely isn’t he!!” (She’s British and very proud of it, FYI).

I snuck out in the rain to take a few pictures and subsequently forgot to take any of our delicious lunches (I was way too hungry by that time to mess about taking pictures, you see). While it was rainy and foggy, the views from the Bell Tower were so spectacular and I can’t wait to return on a perfect-weather day to really see it all properly.

Days spent like these are my favourites. Spending time with family is what life is all about, so this really was the perfect Saturday to me! Rain, and all.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! XO

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