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Travel || Winter in The Bahamas

We are two days in to our Bahamanian adventures and so far our time in the Caribbean has been exactly what we needed. While I won’t even pretend to pretend that we needed a holiday from our holiday (that would be ridiculous), the Bahamas has provided the warm refuge we so desperately sought after spending the coldest winter of our lives in Canada and the States (and its not over yet!).

Nothing will compare to my first impression of The Bahamas. Truly, it took my breath away. It was everything I ever imagined but, somehow, even more perfect than that. I remember the way I felt in those first few moments: content with the warm breeze in my hair, comforted by the sun’s rays and completely and utterly speechless. While it’s technically winter here, the reality is something different – it’s like a perpetually warm spring’s day, where the sand is powdery, the sparkling water is turquoise and tepid and the days last forever (seriously, the sun goes down after 6pm). I’ve been dreaming of visiting The Bahamas for a long time and I’m so grateful to be here.

Blue skies and palm trees

Our poolside lounge chairs

Part of the old wooden jetty surrounded by turquoise water

The colours of the ocean

The magnificent resort pool with a palm trees backdrop

The beach and the old jetty

These pictures, my 7 first impressions, were taken at our resort on Paradise Island and they capture the essence of what wintertime in The Bahamas feels like to me.

 Have you ever visited The Bahamas? Or is it still on your travel wish list?

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With love, Carly xo

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