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12 Quintessential Moments to Experience in Italy

Home to breathtaking beauty, exquisite food, rugged coastlines, stunning scenery and an incredible juxtaposition of the ancient and modern world unlike any other, it’s no surprise that Italy is one of the world’s top-visited destinations and has long been at the top of my own travel bucket list. Having had the chance to spend two blissful weeks exploring this glorious country during our recent honeymoon abroad, I am here to confirm that Italy is about as perfect as it gets.
If you are planning a trip to Italy soon, or at least dreaming about one, here are my top 12 quintessential moments to experience during a visit to Italy:

1// Hike the Cinque Terre

With breathtaking views of Italy’s coastline and five charming fishing villages waiting to be explored, hiking the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera is one experience not to be missed.

2// Ride the #1 vaporetto in Venice

For many travellers, riding a gondola in Venice is a must-do, but it is very expensive and not nearly as romantic as it is made out to be. My top tip would be to save on the excessive fee and take the #1 vaporetto water bus instead. This public water bus zig-zags across the Grand Canal and is arguably the most scenic boat ride in all of Venice.

3// Eat two scoops of gelato every single day

Yep, two. I spent the entire time we were in Italy dreaming about my next scoop of gelato and carefully planning my next flavour combination, and you should too. Don’t hold back, try every single one, and regret nothing!

4// Step back in time at Pompeii

Pompeii provides a fascinating peak into an ancient world so well preserved by Mount Vesuvius’s eruption in 79 AD. Exploring the ruins and strolling the streets of this ancient city, all while Mount Vesuvius looms in the background, is an experience unlike any other.

5// Indulge in Dolce Far Niente in Lake Como

Dolce Far Niente – the sweetness of doing nothing – has long been an Italian art form (so beautifully explained in this clip from Eat, Pray, Love) and there’s no better place to indulge than idyllic Lake Como in Northern Italy.

6// Try the zuppa di mer in Venice

The Italian Cuisine has got to be some of my FAVOURITE cuisine in the whole world and none more so than this classic Venetian dish. Steaming hot and filled with so many morsels of goodness, you’ll be left licking your plate clean, I promise.

7// See Tuscany from above

The most enduring images of Tuscany are those of verdant rolling hills, topped with medieval villages and covered in acres of grape vines, and there’s honestly no better way to appreciate the region’s sprawling beauty than from above. We flew over Tuscany en route to Florence from Rome, but wouldn’t hot air ballooning be even more magical?

8// Buy fresh flowers at Campo di Fiori in Rome

Do as the Romans do and treat yourself to beautiful fresh flowers from one of the many early morning market stalls at Campo di Fiori.

9// Hit the pavement and get lost in Rome

Put your walking shoes on, lose track of time and spend a day getting lost in the magic of Rome.

10// Enjoy a picnic lunch

Save a little money and do something a little different by buying some goodies from the local market to enjoy for a picnic-style lunch. Sometimes nothing compares to an easy lunch of fresh bread, local cheese, delicious ham and juicy tomatoes. And if you pair it with a glass of local wine, it feels even more indulgent!

11// Explore the back streets of Bellagio

Step away from the edge of stunning Lake Como and take some time wandering the back streets of beautiful Bellagio. Not only is it far less crowded, but the cobblestoned streets and lush gardens waiting to be explored are just as stunning.

12// Watch the sun set over the Grand Canal in Venice

Because it’s just pure magic.

Thanks so much for reading! XO

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